Stay fit to enjoy good sex in old age

Those hoping to enjoy a healthy sex life well into old age have been told that the key lies in staying fit and healthy.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, sexpert Laura Godman said a good diet and regular exercise can ward off a flagging sex drive.

She pointed out that as women get older and the menopause kicks in, they can lose their libido because their bodies aren’t producing as much oestrogen.

Men can also experience problems becoming aroused, as their testosterone levels drop as they age.

There are also health problems, such as arthritis, that can stand in the way of an active sex life, while sexual confidence can be affected by physical ageing.

Ms Godman insisted that these problems can be overcome by staying healthy and keeping fit.

“If you let your body go to rack and ruin, you can’t expect to stay the Olympic sex athlete you were when you were younger,” she remarked.

Her comments follow the publication of two studies by researchers in America which showed that men have a longer sexual life expectancy than women.

It revealed that men aged 30 have an extra 35 sexually active years to look forward to, compared to 31 years for 30-year-old women.

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