Spring clean your sex life, all year round

It’s a simple science; if you want to have more sex you need to clean your house more often, a survey suggests.

In a study of over 7,000 couples in the US it was found that men and women who cleaned hard played hard, having on average 15 more sex sessions each year than those who let their nest get messy.

The findings have nothing to do with fluffy feather dusters or rubber gloves however.

Researchers suggested instead that it is the "go-getting" nature of the people who carried out more chores that leads them to being more energetic in all areas of life, including their sex lives.

Couples were asked to estimate how many times they had sex in the past month and how long they spent on household tasks, with other factors also considered including careers and the number of children.

On average couples had sex 82.7 times a year, or 1.6 times each week. The survey also showed women are still the domestic goddesses of the home environment, spending an average of 41.8 hours on domestic tasks every week.

With the average person working around 40 hours per week in employment, it’s hard to see where people find the time to give their knobs a good polish.

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