Singing is like sex, says Dame Julie Andrews

Dame Julie Andrews has compared singing to sex in a new interview prior to her return to the stage.

The 74-year-old thought she would never sing again following an operation to remove nodules from her vocal chords.

But she found new ways to use her voice, telling Channel 4’s Nicholas Glass that she has discovered some bass notes she didn’t know she had.

Dame Julie will perform a one-off concert at the O2 arena in London in the summer.

In her biography Home she said singing used to be “as addictive as opium” to her and likened it to “sex before the moment of climax”.

Now that her voice has altered and the high notes are no longer accessible, she has a different analogy.

She told Channel 4: “Now it’s warm, glowing. If you really want it’s that moment after sex when you say ‘ah, great’.”

Dame Julie has starred in numerous films and musicals, including the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

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