Simon Cowell tops ‘shouldn’t but would’ list

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has topped a list of celebrities women know they shouldn’t sleep with but would given the chance.

The music mogul beat the likes of Ricky Gervais, Gordon Ramsey and Barack Obama to take the number one spot in the poll by discount website

So next time you’re watching the 50-year-old on TV and wondering why you find yourself strangely attracted to him, just know that thousands of other women feel the same way.

Taking second place was comic actor James Corden, proving that a sense of humour is often a bigger hit with the ladies than a six pack.

The Top Gear boys proved a popular guilty pleasure, with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond taking third and fourth place respectively. However there was no sign of James May in the list.

Making up the rest of the top ten were TV presenter Philip Schofield, actor Alan Rickman and singer Justin Bieber.

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