Sharing sex toys ‘has health risks’

People who share their sex toys with others could be putting their health at risk, one expert has warned.

In an article for the US college newspaper the Pioneer, Dr Debby Herbenick, a sexual health educator at the Kinsey Institute, said such practices can result in the spread of infections.

She explained that sex toys are made from many different types of material, some of which are more porous than others and may harbour bacteria.

It is therefore important to clean them using soap and water or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure that germs do not linger.

Dr Herbenick said that if couples want to share sex toys with one another, it’s important that they are both tested for sexually-transmitted infections beforehand.

"The bottom line is that sharing sex toys should always be done with caution and care and borrowing someone’s sex toy without telling them can be risky and may feel disrespectful to the person whose sex toy it is," she remarked.

The good news is that if you’re sensible about hygiene, sex toys can actually promote better sexual health.

According to research carried out by Indiana University, women who use vibrators are more likely to have regular gynaecological exams. They also feel more aroused and have more orgasms during sex.

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