Shaping up ‘boosts libido’

People lose weight for all sorts of reasons, but a welcome side effect of shedding the pounds could be an increased sex drive.

According to the Canwest News Service, sex therapist Sue McGarvie has written a new book which claims there is an important link between weight and libido.

Lean and Lusty: The Libido Diet explores the relationship between dieting and interest in sexual activity and follows the author on her own journey of discovery.

After losing an impressive 140lbs, Ms McGarvie said that as well as enjoying a healthier lifestyle she also “got much, much hornier”.

“I want to thank God I was born in the technological age, after the invention of sex toys,” she exclaimed.

“Let’s just say I used up my share of batteries since I’ve increased my libido.”

But it’s not just the prospect of a little more solo fun that should motivate women, Ms McGarvie claimed.

An increased libido could just save a marriage, she insisted, as the effects of a low sex drive on a relationship can sometimes be devastating.

Another expert who agrees with Ms McGarvie’s assessment is Marrena Lindberg, whose book The Orgasmic Diet also highlights the impact that good eating habits can have on libido.

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