Sex toys and sex trends that will enhance your 2017

At the moment, I cannot get enough of
sex tech. Whether that’s sexy robots who are coming to shag us all
(it’s a thing – really) or bluetooth-enabled sex toys that put a
serious buzz into your long-distance boning. Every year that goes by,
sex gets more interesting – we learn more about the ways in which
different people get pleasure, and we develop shiny new toys to make
the most of all the cool things our bodies can do.

And sometimes we make drones with
dildos attached.

Ask Men’s sex 100 is a fabulous journey
through some of the interesting upcoming sex trends and cool sex toy
projects. So I thought I’d take you on a journey through a few of the
best things on the list.

Product: Tenga eggs

I’m delighted to see these on anyone’s
list of ‘sex toys for 2017’, because although they’ve been around for
a while,
are still not as widely known as they should be. To my mind,
if you have a dick you should also have a go with a
Tenga egg.
They’re small, portable, textured male masturbators that come with
individual sachets of lube – so you’re good to go as soon as you
get the delivery. They are lighter and easier to use than some of the
larger masturbators like Fleshlight, so make a perfect addition to
your ‘travel sex’ collection.

Trend: Edging

This is apparently a new trend, which
would probably come as a surprise to some of the gentlemen I’ve had
sex with.
– the practice of bringing yourself to just the ‘edge’ of orgasm,
then stopping just before you come – is something I’ve always
enjoyed watching guys do. It’s just hot seeing the moment right
before they tip over the edge, and the build-up of frustration. If
you’ve never tried it yourself, I’m told it’s very fun. I just can’t
quite manage it myself because I am too impatient for orgasm.

Trend: Group sex

I don’t need to tell you much here
other than that ‘group sex’ is apparently a new trend. I mean, surely
has been pretty popular for a while, no? I seem to remember
the Romans having a fair amount of orgiastic fun. Still, if it’s
getting more popular, that means there must be more people out there
who are willing to dive into a group situation, so if orgies are on
your bucket list then maybe have a go at making one happen in 2017.

Product: Dildo drone

OK, I may have teased you ever so
slightly with this one – the
doesn’t actually exist. Yet. But imagine all the things you
could do by strapping your favourite
dildo onto a remote-controlled
drone? You’ve effectively created a helicopter that can be fine-tuned
to hump you from above.

Just make sure you keep your important
bits away from the rotor blades. Eek.

Trend: FreeTheNipple

You may have missed this campaign in
2016, but you’ll probably be seeing much more of it this year. As a
response to social media platforms censoring female, but not male
nipples, lots of people have been kicking up a storm under the

hashtag. And rightly so – why should one nipple be banned but
another not? In response to the seemingly sexist and arbitrary rules,
accounts like
are trying to challenge the reasoning behind these rules by posting
pictures of just nipples – with no way of telling whether the
nipple belongs to a guy or a girl. Excellent work, and not just
because it’s a great excuse to look at a wide variety of nipples.
Want to get your nipples out in 2017? Pick up some lovely
or simply strip it all off. Be careful where you post the pics

Trend: Butt stuff

I’ve saved my favourite for last,
although you can check out everything in the top sex 100 here. ‘Butt
stuff’ comes in at number 12 on the list, and it very much deserves
to be at the top. Not only because butt stuff (whether it’s prostate
massage, butt plugs, pegging or anything else) is fun, but also
because I think more people are becoming comfortable exploring their
own anal desires. With each year that goes by, more people find my
sex blog by searching ‘butt plug tips’ or ‘how do I do anal?’, and I
think that’s only going to continue. So if you haven’t tried it yet
but you’re tempted, go pick up a
slim ‘starter’ butt plug and get
2017 off to a… umm… cracking start.

Sorry. I just couldn’t resist a butt


Header image courtesy of @buckaroobay on Flickr.

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