‘Sex Toys Saved My Marriage’

Ex Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson has admitted to having changed her love life for the better…with sex toys!

At sextoys.co.uk, we’re all for promoting healthy relationships and ways to stay connected to your sexuality, even when your partner’s away.”When my husband’s gone for a couple of days, I have to keep things alive down there, I’m all about it!” – Kendra knows that tying the knot should by no means negatively affect your sex life – “I think it’s very important to add fun things to the bedroom, especially when you’re married, it takes a lot more creativity to get things started.”

Even when her husband is away, she confesses that “some women need that extra help from BOD – battery operated buddy” and she knows she’s not alone. Kendra has created her own range of lingerie and sex toys with Love Candy, and she’s sure that these products can get anybody into action!

Life can throw many challenges at you, but sex never has to be one of them. Being a bit adventurous can be extremely rewarding, and experimenting can bring around some wonderful reactions from your partner, with or without their presence!


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