Sex toys ‘don’t replace men’

Guys, are you worried that your girl’s new vibe will make you redundant? You needn’t be, according to one sex therapist.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer, Dr Sidney McGill said vibrators and other kinky gadgets simply give people more choice in the bedroom.

Of course they’re often used by single individuals and can be great “tension relievers” in this respect, Dr McGill claimed.

However, for people in relationships, they are seen as sexual enhancers rather than a substitute for real intercourse, he explained.

“I think that the use of a sex toy such as a vibrator does not signal that the male partner is sexually incompetent,” said Dr McGill.

Sex toys should be seen in the way one takes vitamin pills – it is only a supplement.”

So there you have it guys. Stop eyeing your lady’s rabbit with jealously and suspicion and use it to pleasure her, and yourself.

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