Sex toys ‘can save your marriage’

Married couples who find their sex life is going down the pan may do well to invest in a few adult toys.

That’s the view of expert Temilola Falana, who runs her own sex shop in Nigeria and claims kinky gadgets can help keep the passion alive.

She told the Daily Sun that being open about sex is one of the best ways to understand your partner and make your marriage work.

Couples should purchase sex toys together, or if one spouse is buying something, they should let the other know about it.

If one partner is nervous or reluctant, it’s advisable to start with something non-threatening, like a sensual massage using scented oils, before working up to sex toys, she stated.

“A lot of people now come to me for advice. People older than me who do not look at the fact that I am young and single. I feel happy when they tell me that I have really helped their marriages,” said Ms Falana.

In December, a study carried out by researchers at Indiana University revealed that the use of sex toys is linked to better sexual health.

It showed that women who use vibrators are more likely to have regular gynaecological exams.

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