Sex toy highlights from the last three years

Regular readers will know that I’ve been blogging here for for nearly three years now. It’s been sexy, emotional, and incredibly fun. As I wave goodbye, here are some of my personal highlights.

Remember the last day of school, when everyone wrote in each other’s notebooks about their best memories over the years? Well, this is my equivalent of that – I’m really sad to be saying goodbye to the Sex Toys blog for now – it’s been incredible working with the lovely people here, and on the way we’ve had a whole heap of fun. Here are my top 10 Sex Toys moments…

Discovering the Air Sex championships

One of the great things about Sex Toys is that they’re always game for a laugh. Writing this blog has led me to research some of the weirdest and most wonderful sex-related things going on in the world. And one of my personal favourites has to be the Air Sex championships. Find out more about it in this blog post.

Finding out which political party is the kinkiest

While we’re on the subject of intriguing discoveries, we marked the 2015 election with a little run-down of the sexual habits of each main party. Although this year all we get is a ‘yes/no’ referendum, back then there was far more fun to be had…

The iPhone 6 launch (and sex – yes, really)

What else has happened in the last few years? Ah, yes – the iPhone 6 launch. Not the kind of thing you’d immediately put on your ‘sex events’ list, but there was a very good reason I warned that the iPhone 6 could kill your sex life.

Bringing in guest bloggers

The first guest blogger I invited over to The Vibe was the amazing HornyGeekGirl – she told an explicit and steamy about her first ever sex toy experience. It got the juices going, and kicked things off nicely for the guest bloggers who came afterwards.

The great sex toy clearout

Inspired by all the great new products I was discovering here, in February 2015 I had a huge clearout of my old sex toy drawer. I found some bizarre and a few never-used items, and answered that age-old conundrum: how do you make sure your old dildos don’t go in the dump? There are some options for sex toy recycling

Getting more accessible…

With a lot of help from excellent sex and disability consultant Emily Rose Yates, we produced a guide to some of the most accessible sex toys – and how to kink up your wheelchair. There’s also a completely genius tip for people with hearing loss on how to make sure you don’t get interrupted mid-shag.

Valentine’s Day victories

One of the challenges of running a sex toy company is that in the run-up to V-day (the biggest event of the year for sexy time) you need to try and avoid cliches, and talk to people about what they really want to do. Not just hearts and flowers, but lube and latex too. I’m chuffed to have contributed to some of our Valentine’s Day articles – not least being able to commission this incredible blog about having the best single Valentine’s Day.

Debunking sex urban legends

This one’s quite recent, but always topical: when someone on Facebook shares a weird and wonderful story, you can guarantee that nine times out of ten it will be fake. Or at least embellished a little. Recently we took a selection of these urban legends, and set about discovering whether or not they were true. Can you guess which is true and which is false?

Lube, glorious lube

I rarely used lube before I started working in the sex industry. Unless it was for anal sex, of course – anal without lube is like climbing a mountain without a harness. Or shoes. While drunk. Anyway, since I started working in the sex industry I’ve been trying out lots of different lubes, and managed to get comfortable with the idea that using lube during sex isn’t a ‘failure’ for me as a woman, or anything shameful: on the contrary, it’s incredibly fun!

Budget sex toys

One of my greatest qualities – or biggest flaws, depending on your perspective – is the fact that I am intense about saving money. Wandering around the house switching lights off, refusing to put the heating on until at least December, switching my energy companies every six months like an evangelical MoneySavingExpert. The works. And so working with SexToys has been brilliant fun for my inner bargain hunter as well as my outer pervert.

Every week I get to browse the new items on sale, or check out the special deals, and recommend amazing sex toys for way less than you’d pay on other sites.

So as I saunter off into the sunset with a tear in my eye, I want to say a huge thank you to Sex Toys for having me here all these years, and huge thanks to all of you for reading. Keep an eye on the Sex Toys blog and website, and make sure you bag yourself some bargains whenever your payday ship sails in.

Much love



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