Sex tips from the British Lung Foundation

Enjoy sex but suffer with breathing difficulties? Then you might be interested in the advice being offered by the British Lung Foundation.

The charity has created a new leaflet offering support to people who experience breathing problems to help them make the most of their sex lives.

It points out that lung disease sufferers may worry about exerting themselves during sex in case they become too short of breath or need to cough up phlegm.

But it insists that living with breathing conditions does not mean you have to compromise on intimacy, as problems can be overcome.

The leaflet provides tips on sexual positions and advice on how to approach any concerns with a partner.

Suggestions include having sex when you feel rested and your breathing is at its best, possibly planning ahead and taking medication beforehand.

Avoiding sex after a heavy meal or alcohol is also recommended, and those who find they do become short of breath during intercourse should pause to take a few slow deep breaths from the diaphragm.

According to the British Lung Foundation, one person in every seven in the UK is affected by lung disease.

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