Sex talk tough for Brits

When it comes to discussing sex, it seems many of us find it difficult to open up.

According to a government-commissioned survey, around one in five of us chat about sex without actually saying what’s on our minds.

A quarter of us feel too embarrassed to ask the questions we really want to, while two thirds of us feel so uncomfortable that we turn the discussion into a joke.

By clamming up on the issue, it’s not just saucy tips and gossip we’re missing out on, as the survey uncovers a worrying lack of knowledge about sexual health.

Almost a fifth of people are unaware that some sexually transmitted infections cannot be cleared up with antibiotics.

And rather worryingly, more than one in ten believe the myth that a woman can’t get pregnant if she has sex standing up!

Commenting on the findings, sex and relationships expert Dr Pam Spurr said: “We’ve still got some way to go before we swap jokes and banter for the open, honest and informed conversations about sexual health and relationships that most of us would like.”

Let’s just hope the government’s efforts to improve sex education have some impact in helping future generations be more open about the issue.

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