Sex scenes a breeze for Angelina

Angelina Jolie has revealed that she finds sex scenes easy to film, as getting naked in front of the camera doesn’t faze her.

The Tomb Raider actress said she finds it much harder to be emotionally exposed than physically nude.

“I can do a sex or love scene quite easily,” she insisted. “A soul connection is very difficult. A physical thing is, for me, very easy.”

The 34-year-old claimed the key to filming great sex is to find something about her co-star that she finds attractive and to “just have fun and enjoy each other”.

Angelina has filmed a number of raunchy scenes during her acting career.

It was reported recently that she will get hot and heavy with Johnny Depp in the pair’s upcoming movie the Tourist, which is due for release in 2011.

A draft of the film’s screenplay reveals that the couple get naked in the shower.

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