Sex-related items top Christmas wish lists

With people now enjoying more nights in to save money, it’s hardly surprising that sex-related items are appearing at the top of their Christmas lists.

According to a new survey by, there has been a 308 per cent rise in the number of people seeking sexy presents this year.

Of the adults questioned, almost 60 per cent wanted a sex toy, some underwear or a similar gift for Christmas. Of these, almost three in four were women.

While vibrators were the most wanted items among girls, the majority of guys looking for sex-related gifts preferred skimpy undies for their partners.

Mark Pearson, managing director of, said: “I think that people are starting to relax around the idea that sex toys and games are a more than acceptable gift and are often well received.”

Girls may wish to follow Eva Longoria’s lead and buy vibrators as presents for their friends this year.

The Desperate Housewives actress said recently that her gal pals “scream” when they unwrap the sexy gifts.

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