Sex really does make you smarter

Finally, science has proven that sex makes you smarter! In two separate studies, scientists and researchers have ‘discovered’ that being aroused and/or sexually active leads to better cognitive results. I say ‘discovered’ because Eastern mystics, tantrikas and other various paths of conscious sexuality have known this for millennia! Science is just catching up.

It all started with an experiment at Princeton University in New Jersey. I don’t condone testing on animals AT ALL, but the results of this test were interesting. They found that rats that were sexually active had more accelerated brain cell growth than non-sexual rats. The non-sexual rats appeared to be more stressed in new environments and less cognitive.

More recently, a similar study was done at the University of Amsterdam. This time they actually used people to test out their theories. Participants were given a variety of problems to solve that required critical thinking skills.  Those that were sexually active or had sex on their mind did far better than their counterparts.

The study went on to detail the biological benefits of sexual activity. Stress reduction and happiness, due to release of certain hormones, featured high on the list.

So there you have it! If you want to reduce stress, create happiness and improve your cognitive skills, get more sexually active!


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