Sex Lube Olympics gets off to a slippery start…

Only in Japan could you find an event like this! Slipping and sliding around an arena in Tokyo, attendees competed in a handful of events…all including buckets of lube!


Over a hundred people attended the Sex Lube Grand Athletic Meet which saw lube-covered competitors compete in vertically challenging heats to claim their titles.


With a whole roaster of events such as sumo, tug-of-war, an obstacle course and giant ball relay, there was plenty to test the ‘athlete’s’ skill and stamina.


Although still very much in tune with sexuality, the meet wasn’t an excuse for a giant orgy with strict rules about clothes and nudity prohibited. Participants even donned protective helmets to prevent lube-induced injury!


[youtube] [youtube]

…and finally, the clean-up team don their squeegees and yellow onesies to mop up the mess!


The increasingly popular event was held at a wrestling complex in Shinkiba with participants forking out 10,800 yen (around US$100) to compete, while spectators paid 3,240 yen ($30) to watch.

Belive it or not, the Sex Lube Grand Athletic Meet was organised and put on by the Sex Lube Sports Association….of course!

If you want your chance to “be in the olympics” then just pop down to the Lagunasia resort park in Aichi Prefecture on July 5 and July 6 and bring a towel!

Source: Kotaku


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