Sex and the City prompted vibe purchases

It seems the US television series Sex and the City inspired women to buy more than a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels.

According to a survey by the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, it also encouraged many girls to purchase a vibrator.

The poll shows that 37 per cent of women own a sex toy. However, the percentage is higher among those who watched Sex and the City.

Indeed, some 44 per cent of ladies who saw the series have bought themselves a battery-powered friend.

The Stella survey also revealed that sex toy ownership is higher among women who vote Liberal Democrat.

Some 30 per cent of yellow party voters have a sex toy, compared to 24 per cent of those who vote Labour and 22 per cent whose political allegiance is to the Conservatives.

Girls thinking of investing in their first vibrator may be interested to hear that the rabbit, which was featured in Sex and the City, was named as one of the top sex gadgets of the last decade in a recent list compiled by the Metro newspaper.

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