Sex ‘a mission’ for 60% of Brits

Imaginative couples will know that when it comes to sexual positions, there are endless possibilities.

However, a rather unimaginative 60 per cent always stick to the most original one – the good old-fashioned missionary.

According to the Sun newspaper, a survey by found that the average couple has sex in three positions during any one session.

Six out of ten end their lovemaking with the man on top.

Two-thirds of couples enjoy having sex doggy style, while more than half also like some woman on top action.

But one in ten of the couples questioned said they only ever have sex in one position.

Nicole Clowes, spokesperson for, said: “This research seems to suggest that Brits are relatively inhibited in the bedroom and prefer to stick with positions they are comfortable in and know work.”

According to the survey, the average sex session lasts around 24 minutes, including foreplay.

But while that seems a little speedy, research carried out recently by the Society for Sex Therapy and Research found that the most desirable duration for intercourse is between seven and 13 minutes.

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