Up close and personal – playing with see-through toys

Do you want to see something really cool? Like, phenomenally and unquestionably cool? Thought you might. This blog is about clear sex toys, and being able to watch someone orgasm in incredible sticky detail.

The first masturbator I ever bought was a clear one. I didn’t deliberately buy a clear one so I could look through it – I bought it because a friend recommended one of exactly that type, and told me that if I’d never before used one on a guy I was in for a treat.

As you can probably tell from the fact that I bang on about male masturbators ALL THE TIME, he was right. It was more than a treat: it was like someone handing you a king-sized Mars bar when you were only expecting a chocolate biscuit. The smooth, silky, mouth-like feel of it on his cock gave my boy the shivers, and within just a few minutes of gentle squeezing, sliding, and reapplication of exactly the right kind of lube, his dick was throbbing and ready to go.

This was all, naturally, pretty cool for me to watch, but it was just the start. The proper treat was yet to come, as he grunted a bit with enthusiasm before spraying jizz right up against the end of the masturbator. Pulling it down, so the lip touched the base of his shaft and the end was stretched tight across the head of his cock, I could watch as his spunk sprayed directly against the end. Clear jelly: good view.

Clear and see-through sex-toys

The lovely Emma from Sextoys emailed me last week to ask whether there was a particular ‘thing’ for clear sex toys: if it were a specific fetish or trend to get something you can look through, so either you or your partner can watch in intense detail as you come. I don’t know, to be honest: I have no idea how many people enjoy this particular treat. But what I can tell you is that those who do are very well catered for.

Those who fancy watching spunk can get see-through strokers – the one I used was a bit like this one. For anal play there are clear prostate massagers, butt plugs and anal beads.

There are so many options if you’re exactly this kind of pervert. But at the beginning of this I promised you something a little bit special. Not just you imagining someone else’s orgasm then buying all the clear male sex toys, but if I recall correctly I promised something ‘phenomenally and unquestionably cool’. Never one to disappoint, I present to you the internal view of orgasm, as demonstrated by an amazing sex blogger.

Penny’s orgasm cam

Sex blogger Penny, of awesome sex blog Penny’s Dirty Thoughts, recently got hold of a vibrator that is also a camera. That’s right – it’s like the GoPro of vaginal exploration, meaning that you can film inside yourself while you’re using it. Perhaps not a showreel you’ll be getting out at dinner parties, but definitely something that appeals to both the internally voyeuristic and those of us who are just plain fascinated by bodies.

Unfortunately the vaginal camera tends to show up a bit fuzzy used on its own, because the internal vaginal walls are pressing in on the lens. But ever resourceful, Penny twinned the camera with a speculum, and managed to film herself from the inside while she was having an orgasm. Click that link, and marvel at the human body in all its amazing glory. It’s probably not safe for work because it’s a YouTube video of the inside of a vagina (which is why I haven’t embedded it here), but it’s amazing to realise that you can see – really obviously – the moment at which orgasm starts, as the internal walls start contracting.

I suspect the world is divided into two people: those who’d rather not click that link, and those who, by the time they reach these words, have already watched it five times and bookmarked to watch again later. If you’re one of the latter, this might have inspired you to grab some clear toys and have a look at your own or your partner’s most intimate insides. If you want to do this in the comfort of your own home, you’ll need more than a clear dildo, I suspect. You’ll probably want a speculum, and a sense of intrepid discovery.

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