Scientists claim the G-spot is all in the mind

Some women can tell you exactly how to find their G-spot, while others are still experimenting.

But scientists are now claiming that this elusive erogenous zone does not actually exist and that it is in fact all in the mind.

Whether they are right is still up for debate, but nevertheless they believe that the G-spot may actually be a figment of women’s imaginations.

Researchers at King’s College London carried out a study involving 1,800 British women, all of whom were identical or non-identical twins.

It was argued that if the G-spot did exist, then both of the identical siblings would either claim to have one or not have one, since they share the same genes.

But this was not the case, and the identical twins were no more likely to share the zone than their non-identical counterparts.

The researchers said this casts doubt on its existence and suggests that the G-spot may all be in the mind.

Of course there will be other scientists who disagree with the findings, and they’re unlikely to stop women and their partners seeking out the infamous pleasure point.

The study made no mention of the male G-spot, so the jury’s still out in this one too.

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