Scarlet women everywhere

Guys, if you want your lady to lust after you, then wear something red. Scientists have found that men wearing the colour are more desirable to the fairer sex.

According to a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, women who were shown photos of a variety of men were more attracted to those dressed in red.

The men ranged in attractiveness and the images were doctored to show them wearing shirts of different hues, or standing against different coloured backgrounds.

Lead researcher Andrew Elliot from Rochester University said red is associated with passion and fertility in the animal kingdom.

“This suggests that women’s thoughts and feelings towards men are, at least in part, primitive,” he remarked.

The study also found that men feel more self-assured when they don a crimson shirt or a scarlet tie.

So guys, next time you’re shopping for a first date outfit or something to wear on a dirty weekend with your partner, go for red.

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