Russell Brand wants sex in public

Comedian Russell Brand is known for being something of an extrovert, but now it seems he’s eager to impress with more than just his controversial jokes.

The funnyman, who is currently dating singer Katy Perry, said he wishes there was such as thing as public sex competitions.

He believes such contests would give him the opportunity to demonstrate his prowess in the bedroom.

“Especially because I’m not good at any sport,” he explained. “It’s a pity there’s not some forum where you can do it publicly.”

Russell and Katy have been together for several months now and seem to be going strong.

The 34-year-old recently announced that he’s ready to settle down and have children with the I Kissed a Girl songstress.

Last month, Russell was spotted outside a sex shop in Los Angeles, where he reportedly stocked up on raunchy goodies.

A source told that he was buying the gifts for Katy’s birthday.

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