Russell Brand misses casual sex

He insists he’s now a one woman man, but that doesn’t mean Russell Brand can’t reflect on the good old days, when he could sleep with anyone he wanted.

According to E! Online, the funnyman revealed that he doesn’t enjoy touring as much as he used to because he can’t sleep with his fans.

"It’s not as good because you’re away from your actual girlfriend and you can’t have sex with all the people out there," he explained.

Russell began dating I Kissed a Girl singer Katie last year and claims he’s turned his back on his days as a serial womaniser.

"It’s nice to have sex with loads and loads of people, but my life has changed," he told the Mirror newspaper.

"I have not cheated on Katy. I have not got off with other birds."

However, he did admit to having a threesome just 24 hours before his first date with the American popstar.

"It was two women for the sake of efficiency," he claimed.

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