Russell Brand fancies sex with Kerry Katona

Comedian Russell Brand has revealed that he would happily sleep with Kerry Katona if he was a free agent.

The former ladies man, who is now engaged to Katy Perry, said the former Atomic Kitten star would be on his list of conquests.

But while Kerry may have adopted a new slimline look in recent months, Russell said he preferred her when she was carrying a little more weight.

“Has she got all slim?” he asked. “If she has, Kerry has misunderstood what was good about her. I thought she looked nice before.

“If I was single, I would have happily done her when she was bigger,” the 35-year-old revealed.

Of course nowadays Russell is strictly a one-woman man.

He told the Mirror newspaper recently that although he misses casual sex, he has remained faithful to fiancee Katy.

However, he did admit that he had a threesome just 24 hours before his first date with the I Kissed a Girl singer.

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