Researchers determine optimum time length for sex

Concerned that your sex sessions aren’t lasting long enough? If you’re not one of those having all night nookie, then you’re among the majority.

According to a survey carried out by the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, the most desirable duration for intercourse is between seven and 13 minutes.

The research suggested that anything over this is too long, while sex lasting less than seven minutes is inadequate.

Professor Eric Corty, one of the authors of the study, said he hopes the survey will help to dispel unrealistic ideas about how long lovemaking should go on for.

“Unfortunately, today’s popular culture has reinforced stereotypes about sexual activity,” he explained.

“Many men and women seem to believe the fantasy mode of large penises and all-night-long intercourse. This seems a situation ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction.”

One of the most famous proponents of lengthy bedroom action is singer Sting, who once claimed to practice tantric sex with wife Trudie.

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