Rental tenants abandon their sex toys

Sex toys have been named as the items most commonly left behind by rental tenants when moving out of their property.

According to the Deposit Protection Service (DPS), vibrators and other sex aids top the list of bizarre items landlords are left to dispose of before new tenants move in.

Among the raunchy products often abandoned are sexy lingerie, pornographic magazines, bondage gear and blow-up sex dolls.

Kevin Firth, director of The DPS said: “Cleaning up after tenants is often a big job for landlords but this research shows that it’s not always just dirt and mess they have to contend with.”

You’d think people would be a little less forgetful when it comes to their best sex toys, but a survey carried out across Novotel hotels in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji last year showed that they’re often left in hotel rooms too.

This is surprising, since sex toys top the list of strange items divorcing couples fight over.

Amanda Wilson, a solicitor at Divorce Law Scotland, told the Daily Record that it’s surprising how often spouses argue over who gets to keep the gadgets.

Surely if sex toys were that valuable tenants would remember to pack them.

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