Relationships between attractive women and ordinary men destined to ‘fail’?

Research has concluded that relationships where the female is considered more attractive than her male counterpart are more likely to fail.

Scientists at various UK universities have discovered that women classed as ‘beautiful’ tend to be aware that they can pick and choose their partners, but an equally attractive man seemed to be more desirous of a more ordinary and plain woman, probably because they were less likely to play away.

For example, Bernie Ecclestone’s marriage to the Slavica Ecclestone, a model, ended in 2009. She is both considerably taller than him as well as being 28 years his junior.

During the research study, analysts took photos of over 100 couples which were then rated on looks. The findings concluded that in couples where an attractive woman was paired with an ‘ordinary’ man, the relationship ended after only a few months.

The study group has speculated on indications that it is the woman who is in charge of if a relationship continues. If beautiful women realise they can afford to pick and choose, the less attractive women “may have to make do with what they have, hence the longer relationships”, researchers said.

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