Reality celebrities confess past sex

The contestants on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here have spoken out about their sexual encounters in the past.

Hollywood actor George Hamilton said his greatest experience was over half a century ago when he was 18.

According to the Sun, he said: “I was 18, she was 28. In the words of whatever, she turned me out.

“She taught me everything I know. It was unbelievable and it served to benefit not only me but many others.”

Former boxer Joe Bugner added that he had group sex in the past.

“I’ve been in an orgy with more than five women. I wasn’t worried about the men there, trust me,” he added.

Singer and page 3 girl Sam Fox also admitted to steamy outdoor sessions with her partner Myra Stratton.

Ms Fox has previously hit the top of the charts with songs about her sexual antics – Touch Me (I Want Your Body) went to number three in the UK in 1986.

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