Rare 18th century sex toys sold at auction

The rabbit vibrator may be a 21st century gadget, but sex toys are certainly not a new invention.

Bidders at an auction in Essex were reminded of that fact when a pair of dildos dating back to the 18th century went under the hammer this week.

The wooden phalluses, one with testicles and one without, were purchased by an anonymous bidder for £3,600, the Sun newspaper reports.

Auctioneer Brentwood Antiques said the ten and 11-inch toys, which probably came from France, are "extraordinarily rare" and will make an excellent investment.

That’s providing the new owner keeps them in their specially-designed case and resists the urge to use them for their intended purpose of course.

But historians and archaeologists have found evidence that people were using sex toys well before the 18th century.

In 2007, archaeology expert Timothy Taylor from Bradford University reviewed evidence from dozens of pre-historic finds and concluded that Stone Age humans had sex for fun as well as reproduction.

One of the items he looked at was a stone phallus-shaped item that may have been used for personal pleasure.

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