Preston begs for sex and then goes back to ex

Chantelle Houghton is reported to be upset and confused after her ex-husband Preston reportedly begged her for sex – before dashing her hopes of a reunion by admitting that he is moving to America to make a go of things with is on-off girlfriend.

The Ultimate Big Brother contestant, confessed to still loving Preston and  is said to have been left in “floods of tears” after hearing the news, New! magazine has reported.

The nation has waited with bated breath to see if the pair get back together, which ironically first began on Celebrity Big Brother 4, after they became close on the show once again this Summer.

However, it seems our hopes have been dashed and preston is planning to salvage his long distance relationship with American student and model, Abby Rubin.

A source said: “After dinner, he suggested they go back to his and have sex. She asked him whether he still liked her and he said ‘of course I f***ing fancy you…let’s just do it.’ The insider continued: “Chantelle said no because she’s still in love with him and wanted to take things slowly.”

Chantelle is now said to be “astonished” when Preston then went on to release a statement via his online blog, insisting that while he still cares her his ex-wife, they will never be anything more than friends.

Preston’s statement read: “Chantelle is an astonishing girl. She is stunning. She is enchanting. She is entertaining. She is also my ex-wife. It is this final attribute, which makes me feel privileged to call her a friend and nothing more.”

The TV personality is said to have been stunned by the statement, and called her ex-hubby to ask what was going on – only to be told that he plans to move to the US to make a go of things with Abby.

Poor Chantelle!  Though I can’t help thinking, what goes around comes around.  Remember poor Camille?

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