Prawns can ‘boost your sex life’

Next time you’re wondering what to eat for lunch, why not swap that BLT for a prawn sandwich?

As well as being low in fat and pretty tasty, prawns also contain nutrients that could also give your sex life a bit of a lift.

Writing in the Sun newspaper, dietician Dalhia Campbell said prawns are rich in zinc, which boosts levels of testosterone in the body.

This enhances your sex drive and can also promote healthy sperm in men, which is great news for couples trying to get pregnant.

Add a little watercress to your prawn sandwich and this will really get your motor going.

Mr Campbell explained that watercress contains folate, which is essential for female sexual health.

So why a prawn sandwich and not a salad? Well the bread also has benefits.

“The carbohydrates from the bread help to release serotonin, which improves mood,” said the expert.

And of course you may need a few extra carbs to give you enough energy for that all-night workout.

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