Patrick Dempsey shares his views on romance

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you probably can’t help but gaze longingly at handsome doctor Derek Shepherd.

You’ll probably also be wondering whether actor Patrick Dempsey is as dreamy as his on-screen alter ego.

According to the Sun newspaper, the 44-year-old has some interesting ideas about what constitutes romance.

He confessed: "It’s hard to define romance other than going with the cliches of a lake, a boat, a picnic basket and a sunset."

So if he’s not into cliches, what is he into?

"It’s the little things," he revealed. "Even a spanking every now and then!"

Alas, he’s married. But a girl can dream right? Patrick’s film credits include Sweet Home Alabama, Freedom Writers and Made of Honor, so get yourself down to the video store pronto and enjoy a Dempsey-athon.

He also stars in the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, which is out on DVD next month.

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