Outdoor sex can be dangerous

A frisky couple from Scotland had one heck of ride when they fell through a roof during an outdoor sex session in Aberdeen.

The female participant told the Daily Record that she and her partner decided to romp on the roof of a block of flats because they were “bored”.

She revealed that her name was Alex and that she was a 19-year-old chemistry student from Poland.

Though the encounter was no doubt fun to begin with, things took a turn for the worse when the roof panels gave way and the teenager fell more than ten feet.

Emergency services were dispatched to the scene with a fire engine and a crane to rescue Alex, who was found naked and sore but in one piece.

“I went down one story,” she later explained. “It was a great adventure.”

Although it’s a rather unique place to have sex, the roof of a public building probably isn’t the strangest.

Earlier this year the Mirror published a list of the top ten most shocking public sex locations, with the Queen’s lawn outside Windsor Castle and a confession box in a Catholic church making the rundown.

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