Oral sex a fruity affair

For years we thought fruit bats were so called because of their love for fruit, but there may actually be a different reason.

It seems these furry little creatures actually enjoy getting a bit fruity by engaging in oral sex with their partners.

Scientists examining the sexual habits of short nosed fruit bats discovered that the female of the species regularly performs fellatio on the male when mating.

Indeed, their studies showed that three-quarters of lady bats take part in such foreplay before sex.

They also revealed that the more time the female spends pleasing her partner orally, the longer the intercourse lasts.

The findings come as something of a surprise, as it was previously thought that humans and bonobo chimpanzees were the only mammals to engage in fellatio.

In other news from the animal kingdom, researchers in Australia have found that female fiddler crabs often have sex with their male neighbours in exchange for protection from unwanted intruders looking gain access to their burrows.

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