One fifth of spouses ‘in love with someone else’

One in five married men and women harbour romantic longings for someone other than their spouse, according to a new survey.

Research carried out by showed that the subject of their desire is usually a work colleague or a close friend.

The survey revealed that one in four people who are married or living with their partner are not entirely happy in their relationship.

“Even in a happy relationship, it seems to be possible to have a wandering eye or even crave affection from another person,” said a spokesman for

However, the good news is that only one in six of those who do fall for someone else will act on their feelings and begin an affair.

And longings usually do go away eventually. According to the study, three years and three months is the average length of time that romantic feelings towards a third party last.

Last month, research by revealed that six out of ten couples are unhappy in their current relationship and would like to make improvements, such as being more spontaneous, bringing back the romance and having more sex.

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