Olympic condoms up for auction in China

Thousands of condoms left over from the Olympic Games in Beijing will be put up for auction in China later this month.

Around 100,000 latex sheaths were handed out for free to athletes taking part in the event last year.

But while many of them were used, it seems organisers overestimated the amount of nookie that would be taking place in the Olympic Village.

Around 5,000 condoms are left, each one encased in a wrapper carrying the motto of the Beijing Games – faster, higher, stronger.

The whole batch will be auctioned off together, so the lucky buyer obviously won’t need to worry about stocking up again any time soon.

Guo Lei from the Sport Collection of China Collector Association, said the aim of the auction is to promote awareness of safe sex.

Prior to the 2008 Games, a number of Olympic-themed condom adverts were launched in China.

They showed stick men taking part in various sports, with condoms acting as basketball hoops, bicycle wheels and gymnastic rings.

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