Oh Lovely Law! Same sex marriage update

The first UK gay and lesbian wedding ceremonies are expected to take place by next summer.

A bill supporting same-sex marriage in England and Wales has passed in Parliament. After the next step – royal assent – it is likely to officially become law later on this week.

Backing the bill are the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats and soon, religious organisations will be able to ‘opt’ to offer the service of sames-sex weddings.

Equalities minister, Maria Miller commented:

“Respect for each and every person is paramount, regardless of age, religion, gender, ethnicity or sexuality” she added.


On a similar note Paul Parker, the recording clerk for Quakers in Britain, said:

“It’s wonderful to see same-sex marriage achieve legal recognition. Quakers see the light of God in everyone so we respect the inherent worth of each individual and each loving relationship.”

This thrilling news has us buzzing with anticipation! What do these legal changes mean for you and your relationship?

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