Oasis frontman to launch sex toy range?

Celebrities left, right and centre are launching their own clothing ranges and now it seems Liam Gallagher is getting in on the act.

But the Oasis frontman wants to go one step further and has joked about selling his own brand of sex toys.

In an interview with fansite Live4ever, he described his Pretty Green clothing line as “good gear” and said he plans to open his own stores.

When quizzed on whether he will extend the range to include other products, he jokingly said he was looking into “knickers and thongs and all sorts of f***ing vibrators“.

However, he insisted he wouldn’t be selling ladies’ handbags any time soon.

“Do I look like I make f***ing handbags?” he asked.

Liam was recently voted the greatest frontman of all time in a poll by music magazine Q.

The singer beat U2 star Bono and the late Freddie Mercury to take the top spot.

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