NYC residents to design condoms

People living in New York have been asked to take part in a new competition to design the city’s next official condom.

Health executives are hoping to spread the safe sex message by encouraging residents to submit creative artwork to the project.

The winning design will be used on the wrappers of the 40 million condoms that are given out for free across New York every year.

Assistant health commissioner Dr Monica Sweeney told the New York Post: “The ideal design would be something that calls attention to itself and the condom inside.”

However, there are some strict rules and raunchy entries will not be accepted, neither can they include copyrighted or trademarked images.

Last month, the organisers of the Beijing Olympics put thousands of condoms left over from the 2008 games up for auction.

Around 100,000 latex sheaths carrying the motto ‘faster, higher stronger’ were handed out free to athletes, but some 5,000 went unused.

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