No nookie allowed in space

NASA astronauts are banned from getting jiggy in space, no matter how sexually frustrated they may feel, a top commander has revealed.

Alan Poindexter recently led a crew of six, three men and three women, on a mission to the International Space Station on board the Shuttle Discovery.

Speaking to reporters in Tokyo following their return to Earth, he insisted that sexual contact is strictly off limits during voyages.

“Personal relationships are not an issue,” he stressed. “We don’t have them and we won’t. We are a group of professionals.”

Intergalactic sex has become an increasingly relevant topic given the length of time that crews are now spending in orbit.

The growing number of women travelling into space has also raised questions about potential liaisons.

If astronauts did try it out, it would certainly bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘joining the mile high club’.

And the logistics of nookie in a zero-gravity environment could be interesting to say the least, as it’s possible that a third person would be needed to hold participants in position.

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