Naked nookie a no-no for half of women

It can be fun to have sex half-clothed, especially if you’re enjoying a passionate quickie. But then there’s also something to be said for that skin-on-skin feeling.

According to a new survey by, half of all women prefer to keep at least some of their clothes on in bed.

The reason? For 54 per cent, it’s because they lack the confidence to get totally naked in front of their other half.

Six out of ten ladies also said they prefer to have sex with the lights off.

Men, it seems, do not approve of women’s desires to hide away their bodies.

Only 36 per cent of guys said they like their partner to keep at least one item of clothing on during nookie and just 37 per cent preferred sex in the dark.

Last month, a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine revealed that almost three-quarters of women worry about their bodies during sex.

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