Mystery sex book appears on Amazon

The author of the Rough Guide to Sex is scratching his head after a listing for a book with the same name appeared on Amazon.

According to the Guardian, James McConnachie, whose title delves into the social history of sex, found the doppelganger online.

But while the book shares the name of his newly released page turner, the writer is rather amusingly listed as one Doug E Style.

Artnik is named as the publisher, although there is no reference to it on the Artnik website and it is not available for purchase.

Mr McConnachie said he has no idea where the listing originated, suggesting it could be the work of a hacker or a rogue Amazon employee.

A spokesperson for Rough Guides said the listing made the publishers chuckle, but she insisted it will be looked into.

“Essentially someone has used our name and brand, and that’s our copyright which is quite a big deal,” she remarked.

Reviewing the real Rough Guide to Sex for the Guardian newspaper, critic Zoe Strimpel said it is a “much more intelligent compendium than a porn-inspired smut fest”.

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