Most shocking public sex stories revealed

Ever fancied a little al fresco sex? You might change your mind after hearing what are thought to be some of the most shocking public sex stories.

The Mirror newspaper has published a list of what it believes are the top ten accounts of couples caught in the act.

Included in the rundown are a British couple spotted romping on the Queen’s lawn outside Windsor Castle and a South African pair seen getting jiggy on a railway track, before they were killed by a speeding train.

A couple from Florida decided it would be fun to make love at the top of a construction crane, while another duo in Italy thought a confession box in a Catholic church would be a good place to get amorous.

But taking the number one spot was a Swedish couple who showed no embarrassment whatsoever when they stared going at it on a tour bus in front of several stunned passengers.

It seems there’s something about being in public that turns some couples on.

Last month, councillors in Lancashire cut down 6,000 trees on the outskirts of Darwen after complaints that people were regularly having sex among them.

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