‘Mile High Club’ Flights Grounded by ‘Prudes’

A 36 year old software engineer from Gloucester started the Mile High Flights company two years ago. This new take on ‘flying high’ gave couples the chance to indulge in some mid-air sex action whilst flying above the clouds for as little as £640.

However after just two years, the health & safety chiefs at the CAA have refused to renew the company’s licence, claiming that the flights are ‘too distracting’ for pilots. Mike Crisp, the founder of Mile High Flights has accused the CAA of being ‘prudes.’

Mr Crisp said:

“I’m not giving-up on what was a very popular business idea, because someone at the CAA doesn’t like the sound of what goes-on in our plane. Joining the Mile High Club is something a lot of British couples dream of and we were providing the chance for people to fulfil that particular fantasy.”

In their couple of years of trading, Mile High Flights welcomed adventurous couples from all walks of life, from 21st to 60th birthday celebrations and even a threesome!

Mr Crisp first formed the idea of Mile High Flights in 2007 when one of his close friends obtained a pilot’s licence. Over £10,000 was spent transforming a Cessna Grand Caravan single-engine aircraft into a flying boudoir, complete with slinky (yet fire-retardant) materials to ensure safe and comfortable sex at the dizzying height of 5,280 ft.

However the CAA have cracked down. They say that Mile High Flights were unable to give the necessary safety assurances and therefore cannot be given a new licence to trade.

A spokesman from the aviation authority said:

“We cast no moral judgments on what people do in their planes, that’s not our business. Safety-wise, as long as all angles are covered we have no issue with that company trading. Unfortunately it became apparent that our safety criteria couldn’t be met and the application was not passed.”

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