Men’s sweat signals attraction

Women can tell whether or not a man is into them by the smell of his sweat, according to a new study by scientists in the US.

Dr Denise Chen and her team from Rice University in Texas found that men secrete different types of sweat depending on their mood, the Telegraph reports.

Ladies are able to pick up on this and can sense when a man is turned on by the kind of sweat his body produces.

Several male volunteers were asked to watch an educational video for 20 minutes, after which samples of their sweat were collected. They were then shown a 20-minute erotic video, before new sweat samples were gathered.

A group of women were then exposed to both sweat scents and their brain activity monitored.

The researchers found that the women recognised and responded to the ‘sexual’ sweat, suggesting they are able to distinguish between the smell of a man who is attracted to them and one who is not.

Of course this gives women a distinct advantage over men when meeting someone new, but separate research by psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie shows that men have a different way of determining whether women fancy them.

He said that a woman’s foot movements can give away her feelings, with most girls moving their feet towards a guy if they are attracted to him.

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