Men with deep voices win women’s hearts

There is now a scientific reason why deep voiced men such as Barry White and Morgan Freeman are found so sexy by women.

A recent study by academics at the University of Aberdeen has shown that men with a deeper voice will remain in a woman’s mind longer on her search for a potential partner.

It also showed that women judge genetic quality and behavioural traits when choosing their partner based on the pitch of a man’s voice. They rely on memories such as these to draw conclusions about the atttributes and behaviour of the man in question.

The study firstly involved an experiment where objects were shown to 45 women and their names were spoken by either a high or low pitch electronic voice, then another experiment where real male and female voices were rated by 46 other women. Their object memory was also tested.

In both cases the researchers found that women had a strong preference for the low pitch male voice and even remembered objects more accurately when they were introduced with a low male voice.

Dr David Smith, the lead researcher, said:

“Our findings demonstrate that women’s memory is enhanced by lower pitch male voices, compared with the less attractive raised pitch male voices. Our experiments indicate for the first time that signals from the opposite sex that are important for mate choice also affect accuracy in women’s memory.”

Dr Kevin Allan, who supervised the research, which is published in the journal Memory and Cognition, added:

“We think this is evidence that evolution has shaped women’s ability to remember information associated with desirable men.

“Good memory for specific encounters with desirable men allows women to compare and evaluate men according to how they might behave in different relationship contexts, for example a long–term committed relationship versus a short–term uncommitted relationship. This would help women to pick a suitable partner.”


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