Men think about sex 19 times a day study finds

A study which asked students of both sexes to log what they think about on a daily basis shows that men think about sex more than they do food – but only just!

It reported that on average men thought about sex 19 times a day whilst women thought about it half as much at just 10 times.

‘If you had to know one thing about a person to best predict how often they would be thinking about sex, you’d be better off knowing how they felt about sexuality, as opposed to knowing whether they were male or female,’ said Terri Fisher, professor of psychology at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus and lead author of the study.

‘Frequency of thinking about sex is related to variables beyond one’s biological sex.’

However correcting the stereotype that men think about sex every 7 seconds is important ,Fisher noted.

‘It’s amazing the way people will spout off these fake statistics that men think about sex nearly constantly and so much more often than women do,’ she said.

‘When a man hears a statement like that, he might think there’s something wrong with him because he’s not spending that much time thinking about sexuality, and when women hear about this, if they spend significant time thinking about sex they might think there’s something wrong with them.

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