Men ‘shouldn’t be afraid’ of vibrators

There is no reason for men to be wary of vibrators, as they can bring a lot to sex with a partner, one expert has insisted.

In an article for Psychology Today, sexuality guru Michael Castleman said men often consider these types of sex toys to be “the lonely gal’s friend”.

“Because most men view them only as women’s masturbation aids, few men have considered welcoming them into partner sex,” he explained.

Mr Castleman said some guys are reluctant to bring vibrators into the bedroom for fear of being “replaced by a machine”.

But he insisted this will never be the case. Instead, they simply enhance the sexual experience for both partners.

“Consider power tools,” he said. “They don’t replace carpenters. They just get the job done more efficiently.”

And he added that me who’ve used vibrators with their partners claim to have enjoyed a higher sex drive, better erections and more intense orgasms as a result.

Mr Castleman’s views were echoed earlier this year by sex therapist Dr Sidney Gill, who told the Jamaica Observer that sex toys should be seen in the same light as vitamin pills – as supplements.

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