Men more likely to be caught cheating

Men are twice as likely as women to be caught cheating on their partners, according to a new survey by extramarital dating website

The research showed that one in ten adulterous men have been caught out, compared to just one on in 20 women.

It seems women are simply better at hiding their two-timing activities than their male counterparts.

Just 21 per cent of ladies have been found out through a text message, email or phone call to their lover, compared to half of men.

Four out of ten women also confessed to having an alibi friend who helped them cover their tracks.

By contrast, just six per cent of cheating men have a friend who helps them keep their affair a secret.

“We find men can be surprisingly reckless when it comes to disguising their affairs,” said spokeswoman Sara Hartley.

“Women are far more careful to log out of private email accounts and Facebook and keep separate email addresses and SIM cards specifically for their lover’s use.”

A separate survey by the dating website revealed that five per cent of spouses would cheat if they thought they could get away with it.

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